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Auto Repair Services


We services all makes and models, foreign and domestic. 

Excluding tires and transmissions.

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10 Williams Rd.

Como, MS  38619


(662) 710-0230


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As we have just re-located from Florida and re-starting our business here in Como, MS. We are working by appointment only with limited time slots. First call/text, first serve, so give us a call or text TODAY to reserve your time slot.


Fite's Auto Repair 


Looking for a honest Mechanic?

Well you have come to the right place - We have over 30+ years experience in the automotive industry with ASE certifications. We specialize in diagnostics, electrical, and driveability.



Loosing steering control is not only a safety issue but can also be very scary. Do not let hard and/or leaking steering issues put you in harms way.

Suspension parts, like shocks and struts, give you a better ride, keeps your vehicle in better contact with the road, and affects wear life on your tires. Suspension also affects your braking system.


Check engine light on? There are approx. 99+ reasons why it illuminated. This light lets you know that there is an issue somewhere within the vehicle that the on-board computer has detected. While this light is on, the computer is compensating for the problem so therefore you are not getting the best performance or fuel mileage from your vehicle. We have the ability to scan for codes to find out if your vehicle requires a minor or major fix. I can also check the other dash lights such as ABS, Traction Control, etc...


Brakes are one of the most important safety features your vehicle has installed. Is your brake squealing, don't wait these need to be inspected, this is your vehicles way of saying that the brakes are getting low and need attention. So give us a call and/or text to schedule a brake inspection that includes - pads, rotors, calipers and brake lines. 


Vehicles today have advanced electrical systems. Your vehicle is practically a home computer on wheels. and just like a home computer it needs updates and maintenance. Give us a call to diagnosis anything from a bad battery to an electrical drawl.

Air Conditioning

Is your A/C blowing warm? You may have a leak and are low on freon. Give us a call so we can add dye to your system so we can find the leak. Or you A/C doesn't work at all. Give us a call so that we can check all the necessary components to find out the issue.

Meet The Team

Jeff Fite - Owner

I grew up in the world of mechanics as my dad owned an auto shop, raced cars and also owned gas stations. I took auto mechanics in school and worked for my dad for many years. I have worked in the mechanic field for over 30+ years. I decided to start my own business in 2017, in Florida, and now I have re-located to Mississippi to be closer to family. My specialties are computers and electronics

Customer Reviews

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Gerry Costantino reviewed Fites Auto Repair Mobile Mechanic — 5 star

Called for service for my camry. It needed back brakes , they were starting to talk to me. After just spending 2 1/2 hours in the tire store yesterday getting two tires I thought my time is of value too. Not wanting to go in town to get them done and stand around in the waiting room. I came across Jeff Fite on the Jupiter Farms web site. Glad I did , he was able to fit me in this afternoon. He came out did quality work, reasonalby priced and I never left my yard. I will be calling him in the futuure for any other automotive work I need done. I highly recommend him

Geri Hughes recommends Fites Auto Repair Mobile Mechanic.

Had an appointment today. Right on time! Very honest and explained what was wrong in “laywoman’s terms”

Found problem...waiting on parts to finalize repair.

Would Definitely Recommend!

Thank You!!!

Tim Warner

Jeff did such a great job. He did the work the day after my wife scheduled the appointment and was very professional. I am not going to use another company. I trust Jeff and his team and think the price was fair.

Dafna J Knowles recommends Fites Auto Repair Mobile Mechanic

Very pleased with this company. I called Fites for a 2nd opinion and thank god i did! Saved me a ton of money. Honest and reliable and very professional which is hard to find these days! Highly recommended!

Susan Scott

Fantastic job and so reasonable on price. Even fixed my rearview mirror! I won't go to a shop anymore, these guys are honest and competent. Wish I'd found them years ago. No stress whatsoever!

Harold Williams

Great experience , showed up at scheduled time. Took his time and was able to trouble shoot my disabled car easily. Did the needed repairs in a timely manner. Had a big truck with lots of tools, well equipped. More than fair price. Did not feel like I was getting ripped off! Will definitely use again if the need arises. Would highly recommend this company!!



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